A Little Bit About Us

“We know that candies aren’t just for kids, so we created sweet experiences just for grown-ups! Our mission - to bring you delicious cocktail gummies and treats”.

Arewà Treats

Our Commitment

Our artisanal gummies are moulded with very high-quality ingredients, which will definitely set your taste buzzing. Each piece is delightsome and you won’t be able to stop at one.

Our Motto

We are committed to bringing some fun back to the everyday.

We will continue our search for more flavours and unique sweets. All our candies are gluten free and some have no artificial colours and flavours.

Our Promise

We believe, deep down in our gummy loving hearts that everyone should eat candy. Not just any candy, but deliciously crafted candy with only the best ingredients and flavours.

Whether you need a pick me up or a sweet treat with a cocktail, we are here to help. So, sit back and relax and enjoy our sweet experiences.